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Social media is no longer "becoming" a pay-to-play space, it IS a pay-to-play space. If your brand is going to succeed on social media, it is critical that you have a monthly advertising budget. I can strategize and execute paid social media campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and Pinterest.  


Facebook is one of the most popular and advanced platforms for social advertising. I can execute all aspects of a Facebook ad campaign: graphic design, copywriting, targeting, ad spend management, etc. Using A/B testing, I will help you achieve the highest results (based on your objective), for the lowest cost-per-action. I can also help you set up your Facebook Pixel, so that we can begin creating custom audiences for re-marketing and conversion tracking. 

See Facebook advertising examples below.

Objective: generate brand awareness surrounding partnership with Bruegger's Bagels and Dr Pepper Snapple Group, educating Bruegger's fans that these two products are #BetterTogether. Through A/B testing on Facebook, we were able to determine the most effective ad creative, and then run the ad across platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram). 

Market research utilizing Facebook's Audience Insights tool, as well as additional audience research methods to create Custom Audiences and ensure successful ad relevance, newsfeed delivery, and positive audience reaction. 


Copywriting designed to capture audience attention by strategically using the four text elements: caption, title, description, and link description. 


Optimized for: Page Likes 

Duration: 9 days


SUPER low cost-per-like

Reach: 44,312

Page Likes: 3,458

Relevance Score: 9

Cost-Per-Result: $0.14

Monthly 'Page Like' Ads to grow the community and target the ads to a millennial audience. 

Copy would generally remain the same depending on what we were promoting. The key was in creating a Saved Audience that delivered a high number of page likes for the lowest possible cost-per-like.


Total Reach: 47,968
Page Likes: 3,968
Cost-Per-Like: $0.20

SUPER low cost-per-like

AUGUST 2016 | Duration: 6 Days
SEPTEMBER 2016 | Duration: 11 Days
OCTOBER 2016 | Duration: 7 Days

Designed ad creative for A/B testing to determine which ad would yield the highest result. 

Custom audiences were utilized to target email subscribers as well as look-a-like audiences to maximize reach.


Copy remained the same for the caption, title, description, and link description. 

Duration: 5 days


Duration: 5 days
Reach: 17,744

Social Reach*: 360
Total Clicks: 705

*Social Reach: The number of people who saw your ad when displayed with social information, which shows other Facebook friends who engaged with your Facebook Page or ad.

Most popular ad in terms of link clicks, earning 70% of the total!  

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